Initiate all your Global Mobility Services in ONE via Nomad Initiator

The single point of co-ordination tool for managing international transfers of employees.

Expat Services

Global Mobility Nomad can assist you with a great number of services. Your employer needs to initiate the services via Nomad Initiator

Please refer your employer to the menu and ask them to activate the Nomad Initiator account.

Company Services

Do you want to have a prize winning Global Mobility model in place? In that case, contact Global Mobility Nomad. 

Global Mobility Nomad is a high end provider for the full (re) design of your Global Mobility model including policies, templates and processes for any possible assignment type. We also manage the operational implementation in case needed. Over more than 18 years, a very systematic and standardized approach has been developed and we assure that you will get the best of the best. 

Depending on availability, also interim operational support during sickness or maternity leave is offered. 

Our webtool offers a one stop shop experience for the inhouse HR Global Mobility specialist: Nomad Initiator. Also tired of logging into portals of different vendors and multiplicate your case data by filling it 3 or 4 times? What a relief, this is no longer necessary. 

Via Nomad Initiator it is possible to initiate Tax, Social security, Relocation and Insurances via only 1 application. Go to the menu and activate your free Nomad Initiator account now. 

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