Company Services

Single point of co-ordination for the Global Mobility Company

The international transfer of an employee must be handled with excellent care. The employees need the smoothest relocation, the best expat insurance, good expatriate financial advice, and any other support you can think of. 

The Global Mobility Company is a platform and offers you a unique kind of expat services. The companies that work together in the Global Mobility Company have their own specific expertise. And as a result you can make use of their expertise to implement expat solutions that fit your employees’ demands.

The unique selling point is that the initiation for all these services can be done in ONE. 

Global Mobility Nomad is responsible for the single point of co-ordination of this platform and initiations can be done via Nomad Initiator.

Global Mobility Specialist Role

As interim ad hoc Global Mobility Specialist or outsourcing of modules to Global Mobility Nomad as shared service center.

Specialized in any assignment and organization type. Candidate selection and recruitment, cost calculations, compensation and benefits, preparing letters, visa applications, briefings, finance and invoicing, relocation assistance, social security, onboarding, payroll instructions, computer system admin, reporting, local point of contact for employees, business and managers, managing suppliers and services with third parties.

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