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Policy maker and only 1 initiation needed

Especially for companies without Global Mobility policies, our tool Nomad Initiator is perfect and very user friendly. Just tick the boxes and specify what you would like to offer to the employee for Relocation, Tax, Social security, immigration and insurances. 

Login with just one password in one tool to initiate all of the above services, rather than duplicating work in different portals from different vendors with different passwords. Just provide the assignment data and documents in one piece.

Quickly get a high level impression of the associated costs before pressing the submit button, no strings attached. 

After submittance of the initiation, you always first receive a quote for approval before the start of the services are confirmed.

Unlimited access to the tool with no strings attached.

So checkout Nomad Initiator!

Global Mobility Specialist Role

As interim ad hoc Global Mobility Specialist or outsourcing of modules to Global Mobility Nomad as shared service center.

Specialized in any assignment and organization type. Candidate selection and recruitment, cost calculations, compensation and benefits, preparing letters, visa applications, briefings, finance and invoicing, relocation assistance, social security, onboarding, payroll instructions, computer system admin, reporting, local point of contact for employees, business and managers, managing suppliers and services with third parties.

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